Birth Doula

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birth doula

Welcome! My name is Debra Janicki and I provide birth doula and related services to families in North Central Indiana and Southern Michigan. I am a Birth Doula and student of Birth Arts International (BAI). I am also a mother, wife, Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide and Interfaith Minister and Death Doula.

A Doula is a professional trained in childbirth to provide emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother before, during and after the birth of her child. This support also extends to the mother’s partner. Doulas do not provide medical care, but are knowledgeable in a variety of medical aspects regarding labor and delivery. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

I believe in every woman’s innate ability to give birth. I believe the birth process is a sacred rite of passage and a powerful experience, one that is natural, safe, and transformative. My work is to help you to discover and express your personal power, and to support you as you make informed choices about your life, your body, your pregnancy and birth, breast or bottle-feeding, and parenting. I feel honored to nurture and support a woman’s innate ability to give birth in the manner she chooses.

Our most popular, Standard Birth Package is outlined below, however I am happy to design  a birth package with you that best meets your unique needs.

  • PRENATAL SUPPORT: 3-4 Prenatal visits during which we will discuss your unique needs and desires during this transformative time and will plan our visits accordingly. Prenatal visits may be used to help you develop a birth plan, offer resources and education, or accompany you to appointments. We may explore and practice a variety of comfort measures and optimal birthing positions. Additionally, we may also explore the spiritual aspect of birth through art, meditation, nature, journaling, and ceremony.
  • 3 Reiki healing treatments.
  • Advocacy
  • Unlimited phone and email support as needed throughout your pregnancy.
  • LABOR SUPPORT: Companionship and physical and emotional support during labor and delivery and for up to 3 hours post delivery.
  • On-call availability (24 hour) starting at 36 weeks.
  • POSTPARTUM SUPPORT: 2 Post-natal visits to assist with breastfeeding, and to provide instruction and support for basic newborn care, as well as emotional and physical health and adjustment during the postpartum period.
  • Advocacy and assistance in securing ongoing support and connections with local resources.

Standard Birth Package $400. Additional Support hours may be purchased, as needed.

MOTHER BLESSING CEREMONIES: I create and facilitate Mother Blessing Ceremonies to support and empower a new mother on her journey toward birth and motherhood. This is a beautiful, sacred ritual and is personally designed to celebrate the mother through her sacred passage. A Mother Blessing is a wonderful gift for the new mother in your life and strengthens the sacred bond between friends, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, mothers, and all women. Cost: $100