Death Doula

My name is Debra Janicki and I provide death doula and related services to families in North Central Indiana and Southern Michigan. I am an ordained minister of Universal Life Church. I provide supportive services to terminally ill or dying individuals and their families and assist in navigating the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of this transformative time. I provide a loving, wise, healing presence to all families and serve all faith practices and all traditions.

I believe the dying process and that death itself is a sacred rite of passage and a powerful experience, one that is natural, safe, and transformative. My work is to help families to discover and express the desires and wishes of your loved one, and to provide information and support in making informed choices about death. I am honored to nurture and support each individual’s ability to live and to die in the manner he or she chooses.

WHAT WE DO: As your Death Doula, I am there to advocate for the wishes of the dying and to provide physical, informational, administrative, and emotional support as you move through the mourning period, similar to services provided by a Birth Doula.

I do not provide medical care, but am knowledgeable about all aspects of the dying process, including physical changes, emotional needs, and spiritual aspects for both the dying and the family. Often, my services begin at the time of a terminal diagnosis and continue through support and care after death. As each family has unique needs, I do not prepackage services, but rather prefer to meet with families at point of first contact to work together to determine a plan that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

The reality is you will grieve forever.
You will not ‘get over’ the loss of a loved one;
you will learn to live with it.
You will heal and you will rebuild yourself
around the loss you have suffered.
You will be whole again...but never the same.

Nor should you want to.

—Elizabeth Kubler-Ross