Intuitive Counseling


Intuitive Counseling is at our Core

One Abundant Life offers personal, spiritual guidance to assist you in working through the joys and challenges of life, at every stage of life. We provide caring, professional services to support and celebrate you during these important times with a loving, compassionate, joyful and healing presence. We welcome all persons, all faith practices, without exception and with enthusiasm. We consider the time we spend together absolutely sacred. We offer absolute confidentiality.

We employ a variety of tools and modalities, based on the unique interests, needs, gifts, and desires of our clients and what each individual feels may be most beneficial. These include the arts and music, connecting with nature, Reiki and energy work, guided meditations, journaling, intention, affirmation, ceremony, dance, tarot, crystals, nutrition, and above all, deep listening.

Debra is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, certified Reiki Master, Meditation and Spiritual Guide, Birth Doula, and Death Doula. Although Debra is an ordained minister, it is important to note her services are not religious in nature. What is offered is a holistic approach to guided self-healing and personal growth.


Initial Phone Consultation FREE (Multiple Session Package Pricing Available)
Half Hour Personal Meditation Guidance: $40.00
Full Hour Personal Meditation Guidance: $65.00
Full Hour Personal Spiritual Guidance: $65.00
Full Hour Personal Intuitive Counseling: $65.00